Stylish Animal Print And Floral Print Wallpaper Ideas For Updating Your Home

There are a lot of techniques to decorate blank walls, such as using wallpaper, adding framed artwork, adding wall stickers and many more. For today we want to present some ideas to enhance blank walls with some inexpensive wallpaper solutions.

Adding wallpaper is one of the easiest way to decorate interior and there are a lot of interesting patterns and colors available to choose from. Animal print is one of the most popular wallpaper that will offer bold color and excitement to your home, including Leopard, zebra, cheetah and many more.

However animal print wallpaper is a very busy pattern and can be overwhelming , therefore it’s better to use it on one wall while the rest walls painted in light colors. Alternatively, below are also floral print wallpaper pictures for you who don’t like animal print wallpapers.

Without further ado let’s take a look at the pictures after the jump to get inspirations for your own home.

Unique Animal Print Wallpaper Idea for Interior Makeover

Unique Animal Print Wallpaper Idea for Interior Makeover

Attractive Thibaut Wallpaper with Unique People and Plant Prints

Beautiful Thibaut Wallpaper in Living Room with Turquoise and Golden Pattern

Bright Thibaut Wallpaper and Wall Covering with Flower Pattern

Chic Bedroom Design with Attractive Thibaut Wallpaper and White Padded Headboard and White Ornate Lamps and Turquoise Colored Bed Sets

Cool Blue Thibaut Wallpaper Idea with Anaglypta Paintable Floral Patterns

Cool Living Room Design with Blue Flower Pattern Wallpaper and White Sofa Set and White Ornate Lamps

Fancy White Wallpaper and Wall Coverings Idea

Fresh and Cute Thibaut Wallpaper with Pretty Floral and Flower Patterns

Hackney Empire Yellow Stripe Wallpaper with Animal Prints

Lovely Pagoda and Elephant Printed Wallpaper Idea in Soft Blue and Grays

Stylish and Cool Bedroom with Blue Textured Thibaut Wallpaper and White Mattress and Bedside Table and Blue Pillows


Sunny Yellow Interior with Bright Yellow Thibaut Wallpaper and White Table and Comfortable Chairs

Thibaut Animal Print Cheetah Sfeer Wallpaper Idea

Thibaut Wallpaper with Green Leaf Pattern

Traditional Chinoiserie Chic Chinese Society Wallpaper Idea for Bedroom

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