Shared Children Bedroom Design Ideas With Beautiful Textures From Neopolis

Today’s inspiration comes from Neopolis, the designer team at Neopolis has created a colorful children bedroom that specially designed for a young family and their three years old girl. The bedroom comprises of a pair of beds and shared study desk, a large wardrobe for clothes, colorful wall mounted shelves, a big closed cupboard for toys.

All of these were combined with beautiful colors and textures such as white, ivory and also bright wood. Lets see the following pictures to see the details from colorful bedroom designed by Neopolis, enjoy and don’t forget to share this to your friends.

Kids Bedroom with Vibrant Colors And Textures and Colorful Floating Bookshelf by Neopolis

Kids Bedroom with Vibrant Colors And Textures and Colorful Floating Bookshelf by Neopolis | small large

Vibrant Kids Bedroom with Artistic Wall Decoration and Vibrant Wall Mounted Shelves by Neopolis | small large

Fantastic Children’s Bedroom Design with Shared Study Desk and White Office Chairs and Unique Wall Mounted Shelves and Colorful Rug | small large

Fancy Kids Bedroom from Neopolis Featuring Study Desk and Green Arm Chair and Purple Wall Paint Color and Colorful Cushions | small large

Attractive Kids Bedroom with Study Desk and White Blue Wall Shelves Designed by Neopolis | small large

Beautiful Kids Bedroom Design with Colorful Wall Mounted Shelves and Cushions and White Wardrobe Cupboard and Wooden Floor | small large

Children Bedroom Design with Shared Wooden Study Desk and Two White Mesh Back Chair and Colorful Mat and Wooden Wardrobe and Cute Sheep Dolls | small large

Comfortable Kids Bedroom with Space Saving Wall Shelves and Storage Bed by Neopolis | small large

Kids Bedroom by Neopolis with Colorful Wall Shelves and Wooden Floor and Shared Study Desk | small large

Kids Bedroom Design with Vibrant Color Scheme and Colorful Cushions and Wall Mounted Bookshelf | small large

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