Modern Pendant Light Design Ideas To Inspire You

If you’re looking for unique lighting fixtures that hung singly or in multiples then you’ve certainly come to the right place, here we would like to share many pictures of modern pendant light fixture inspirations. We’ve put together all 38 cool lighting fixtures from various sources as our inspirations.

Oversized Pendant Light is one of modern pendant lights that is rapidly becoming trendy works of art, not only bring ample illumination but it also offers beautiful balance and contemporary décor additions into the room. Pendant lights may offer the greatest solution to designer/ home owner to make a statement and show a pop of personality into a room.

Oversized Pendant Light is typically used in the living room, but some designers also integrated it into some unusual place, like upstairs hallway, above kitchen island and many more. Materials of Pendants are also diverse, from wooden, plastic, glass, or metal combined with fancy colors and style that will certainly make a cool visual statement.

Here, we invite you to take a look at 38 interesting and exception design ideas of Oversized Pendant Lights (click to see larger version), we hope this spur you to add pendant lighting fixtures above your living room or kitchen islands and stay tuned for more updates.

Oversized White Pendants With Textured Cover For Chic Interior

Small Pendant Lights for Stairway

Small Unique Shaped Pendant Lamp for Stairway

Unique Oversized Pendant Lamp

Unique Wire Oversized Vita Pendant Lamp by Lucente

Awe-inspiring Miss Maple Pendant Lamp

Awesome Oversized Trendy Pendant Lighting for Modern Interior Design

Awesome Yellow Oversized Pendant Lights for Modern White House

Beautiful Oversized Double-Brass Sphere Light Fixture

Cool Oversized Pendant Lights Long Chandelier

Cozy Living Room Design With Unique Oversized Pendant Lamps

Creative Unique Shaped Oversized Pendant Lights for Beautiful Interior

Fascinating Living Room With Red Lounge Chair Wooden Floor and Oversized Arch Lamp in Red Cover

Inspiring Oversized Pendant Lamp for Interior Design

Manak Pendant Light from Horchow

Minimalist Oversized Pendant Lights

Oversized Cast Glass Pendant in Bowl Shape

Oversized Crack Bowl Pendant Lights by Kwon Jae Min

Oversized Italian Sputnik Light

Oversized Jewelry-Like Lamp Bright Beads Pendant Lights

Oversized Pendants with Classical Style

Oversized White Pendants for White Apartment Interior

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