How to Make your Living Room Cozy in 11 Simple Ways

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Cozy?’ Something small and snuggly maybe? Well, a living room’s coziness does not have to be about its size – at least in this context. It’s all about warmth, comfort, and that contentment.

How to Make your Living Room Cozy in 11 Simple Ways

If you spend your days in the office, you want to come home to a warm, welcoming living room that makes you really feel like you have shut the world out, even if for a few hours. This is your safe place, a getaway from all chaos, and so every inch of it should be stamped with personality.

We put together 11 simple ideas to transform your home into a little sanctuary.

11 Simple Ways to Make your Living Room Cozy

Start with Neutral Colors for the Walls 

Walls will set the mood for any room as they are the backdrop that will inform your décor choice. Nothing spells serenity better than neutral colors. Dark, moody hues such as gray, black, shades of blue, beige, and deep green are not only bold but serene too. They instantly make your room look larger and cozier at the same time, and light reflects differently too! Neutrals are also quite versatile as they will complement almost any type of wall art.

How to Make your Living Room Cozy 1

Then Supersize your Couch

Nothing wrong with a small sofa, but imagine how much fun a much larger one would be. If you have plenty of room, it doesn’t hurt to have one large, deep sectional sofa that feels as sensational as lying on a bed. Current super-sized sofas can comfortably accommodate four adults, each with enough room for snuggling up for movie night. You want the cushions to be firm but snuggly at the same time. So it doesn’t overpower the room, you may want to position your sofa in the middle.

How to Make your Living Room Cozy 2 Supersize your Couch

Add Plenty of Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are perfect for adding personality and color to your living room, and they instantly upgrade to your sofa without breaking the bank. You want your living room to look livelier and more charming without spending too much money, then place textured pillows on the sofas. Mix them up too – squares, rounds, and triangles. We find bright options such as blue, yellow, and shades of green irresistible and quite charming. If you don’t have little ones that will ruin them in hours, tassels are a beauty on throw pillows.

How to Make your Living Room Cozy 3 Add Plenty of Throw Pillows

How about some Luxe Fleece Throws?

Living rooms are for warmth and love, and what feels warmer than a fleece throw? Throwing one casually on your couch brings in texture and colors to your seats and instantly makes the room look warmer. Get the perfect velvety one that makes it feel like you are hugging a cloud. You may doze off halfway through a movie, thanks to all the warmth, but at least you will be happy.

How to Make your Living Room Cozy 4 How about some Luxe Fleece Throws

Oversized Upholstered Ottoman

Forget tables. Oversized ottomans are the real deal when it comes to making your living room feel like a sanctuary for your feet. They also double up as extra storage space, but that’s for another day. Suede and tufted ottomans switch up the looks of the living room, and especially if they are matched to the sofa. You want to take into consideration its height – an inch or two lower than your chair is ideal as your feet will not be too high up.

How to Make your Living Room Cozy 5 Oversized Upholstered Ottoman

Cozy Rugs

A home is incomplete without a nice rug, and especially one that your feet can sink into. They add color and texture to a room, and if they are the right amount of plush, they will have you wanting to lie on them. Hand-woven wool and faux sheepskin rugs are especially cozy and your feet will feel like they are being massaged with every small step. Go wild with colors depending on your preferred theme, but you may want to stick to at least two of your accent colors.

How to Make your Living Room Cozy 6 Cozy Rugs - Copy

A Bookshelf with Personality 

Whether you read them or not, books add some level of sophistication to a living room. But it is what holds them that matters even more. A backlit bookshelf that emits subtle light through the volumes makes you want to pour yourself a glass of wine and crack open a book for the night. Add a cozy reading nook to it and your reading space turns into a little shrine for your mind and body.

How to Make your Living Room Cozy 7 A Bookshelf with Personality 

Bold Photos and Art

Your beautiful walls can’t be left bare now, can they? Adding bold artwork that covers most of the wall brings a new dramatic angle to the neutral wall. It adds colors and brings attention to your sofa too especially if they are colour-coordinated. One bold piece will do.

How to Make your Living Room Cozy 8 Bold Photos and Art - Copy

Natural Lighting

Dark rooms can at times feel depressing and uninviting and so if it is an option, have as much natural lighting as possible. Large glass windows that go from ceiling to the floor bring in lots of natural lighting, making a room feel larger and warmer. If your house is located in a disadvantaged position that doesn’t allow in enough natural light, curtains can play a cool trick. Have light-colored ones draping to the floor, and if possible, let them be a color close to the walls. This makes the room look brighter.

How to Make your Living Room Cozy 9 Natural Lighting

Bring in those Plants

House plants add so much life to a room it would be a disservice not to include them. They fill up empty corners and vertical spaces, making your home looked lived in and loved. Of course, they will need plenty of sunshine and good care to stay alive and healthy. Succulents are great too if you are afraid of having normal plants that need too much love.

How to Make your Living Room Cozy 9 Bring in those Plants - Copy

Finally, a Fireplace

This list would be incomplete without a fireplace. At the end of a long day, you want to cuddle with your loved one – or by yourself – in front of a fire with a glass of your favorite drink as you recount and reminisce. Nothing spells Netflix and Chill better than fire and some bubbly. Or popcorn.

How to Make your Living Room Cozy 10 Fireplace - Copy

What are your Favorite Ideas? 

Enjoyed these ideas and thought you could use them to spruce up your living room? Most of them will not cost too much or require you to many too many structural changes, but they will switch up the level of sophistication and coziness in your living room. Try them and let us know how you like your new space!

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