15 Free DIY Kitchen Island Plans

These plans will help you create a beautifully crafted kitchen island that will become the room’s focal point. These plans will give extra countertop and storage space to your kitchen.

15 Free DIY Kitchen Island Plans

Each plan has its features, so be sure of what style you want before choosing your plan. Sometimes you can modify the plan to add extra storage, and you can usually tweak the design or finish to get a whole different style that’s perfect for your kitchen. These free kitchen island plans include diagrams, shopping lists, cut lists, step-by-step building instructions, and color photos to help you along every step of the way.

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Check out these Free DIY Kitchen Island Plans

Farmhouse Kitchen Island by Ana White

This Kitchen Island is crafted to look like a distressed farmhouse style kitchen island. It has two cupboards with shelves, open shelving, and a huge drawer perfect for a farmhouse kitchen. You could even use it as an entryway console if you’d like.

The plans contain the dimensions, materials, tools list, a cut list, directions, and user photos. Make sure you check the procedures before you choose this farmhouse theme for your kitchen.

1 Farmhouse Island by Ana White

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Old Paint Design’s Kitchen Island Plan

This kitchen island plan from Old Paint Design builds a rustic kitchen island with drawers and a lower shelf for storage – and it costs less than $100 to build. The plan contains diagrams, color photos, a shopping list, a cut list, and written building directions are all part of this free kitchen island plan.

2 Old Paint Design's Kitchen Island Plan

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Shanty 2 Chic’s Rolling Island

This plan from Shanty 2 Chic creates a wooden kitchen island on wheels. It builds a kitchen island that will even fit in small spaces. The design includes a large workspace, a lower open shelf, wheels to make it portable, and a towel bar. This plan consists of a supply list, cut list, written instructions, diagrams, and photos.

3 Shanty 2 Chic's Rolling Island

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Island with Trash Storage from Shades of Blue

How do you feel about a kitchen island with trash storage? Fortunately, Shades of Blue Interiors has the perfect plan to make your kitchen island dreams come true with this beautiful build that includes open storage plus a pull-out bin for your trash can. This would also be an excellent island to use in an outdoor kitchen. These free plans include a tools list, shopping list, cut list, building directions, and photos.

4 Island With Trash Storage from Shades of Blue

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DIY Island from Shayda Campbell

This plan from Shayda Campbell is something you’ll love to see. This beautiful DIY Island is topped with hardwood flooring for a butcher block feel at a fraction of the price. This free plan has color photos, building instructions, and lots of tips on how to save on materials.

5 DIY Island from Shayda Campbell

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Michaela’s Island by Ana White

Ana White can certainly do you no wrong with its list of beginner to expert level woodworking plans, and now, we have a kitchen island with two drawers and shelves straight from her archive.

Though rustic but modern, this kitchen island includes two shelves, large drawers, and a wood countertop. It could be stained or painted to match just about any style of kitchen. This plan comes with its diagrams, materials, and tools list, cut list, and step-by-step directions to start building today.

6 Michaela's Island by Ana White

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Free Island Plan from Our Vintage Home Love

What’s not to love about a wooden kitchen island with a large shelf on the bottom?! Lucky for you, Our Vintage Home Love has a free kitchen island plan which uses aged wood to give it a nice rustic look.

Color photos and clear written instructions will walk you through building this beautiful and functional kitchen island.

7 Free Island Plan from Our Vintage Home Love

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Cherished Bliss’ Butcher Block Island

A white kitchen with a DIY kitchen island from Cherished Bliss is home furniture to die for. Cherished Bliss has designed a small but mighty kitchen island with two cabinets, four drawers, and a butcher block countertop. The plan contains a supply list, lumber shopping list, cut list, building directions, diagrams, and photos to help you build it.

8 Cherished Bliss' Butcher Block Island

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Mama Sarah’s Island for Small Spaces

Here’s a small wooden kitchen island from Mama Sarah. Cute, right? Having a small kitchen doesn’t stop you from having a kitchen island. This free kitchen island plan builds a great looking one for less than $50. You’ll find tons of color photos, a supply list, and written instructions are included in this free kitchen island plan.

9 Mama Sarah's Island for Small Spaces

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Napa Island from Designs by Studio C

This free kitchen island plan builds a large kitchen island complete with two storage shelves, a push-through drawer, and a double-sided cabinet. If you like the style but are short on the space, Designs by Studio C also has a free plan for a smaller version. Everything you need is included in this free kitchen island plan, a materials list, cut list, diagrams, and written directions.

10 Napa Island from Designs by Studio C

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DIY Network’s Kitchen Cart

Who doesn’t love a wooden counter and stove in a modern kitchen? This free plan for a kitchen cart doubles nicely as a kitchen island and offers more flexibility since you can move it. If you put it outside, you could use it for a grill island. It would also look great with some DIY bar stools. You’ll find step-by-step instructions, materials, tools list, user comments, and videos included in this free kitchen island plan.

11 DIY Network's Kitchen Cart copy

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HGTV’s Roll-Away Kitchen Island

Imagine a DIY kitchen island on wheels. Sweet. Thank HGTV for this charming, lovely plan.

HGTV has a free plan that builds this movable kitchen island to create your custom cabinets and drawers. The free kitchen island plan includes a materials and tools list and written instructions.

12 HGTV's Roll-Away Kitchen Island copy

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Now, here’s a plan for a simple kitchen island that’s perfect for the beginner woodworker. Drawers, a pull-out waste bin, a drop-leaf top, and shelves for storage are all part of this free kitchen island plan. Blueprints, 3D animation, color photos, and general instructions are all part of this free kitchen island plan download.

13 Popular Mechanics Feature-Full Kitchen Island copy

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Rockler’s Cabinet Panel Island

Rockler has a free kitchen island plan that uses pre-built cabinet panels for the sides and a butcher block from the top. Using pre-built materials will save you a lot of time in building your kitchen island.

Embedded in this plan are written instructions, color photos, and a PDF download of the blueprint and material list.

14 Rockler's Cabinet Panel Island copy

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Base Cabinet Island from The Fill

The Fill has a free plan for building a kitchen island out of base cabinets. If you’re looking for a professional-looking island that doesn’t take much work, this is a great DIY project. The plan takes you through the process of picking a spot in your kitchen for the island, shopping for your supplies, connecting the cabinets, fastening the cabinet to the floor, adding power, and adding finishing touches.

The goal of every great beginner woodworking plan is to help you create something relatively simple yet still very functional, like a bookcase. Since they also are low-cost woodworking projects, you have little to lose. The bookcases’ plans vary in design and number of shelves, but you should be able to find a project you are willing to tackle. The result will look great in your home.

15 Base Cabinet Island from The Fill copy

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Small Island with Slide Out Trash

This time around, Anna White provides the plans for a kitchen island prep station that is perfect for little
space areas. This kitchen island comes with a fantastic feature, a slide-out for double trash cans. If you
have a little space in your kitchen and need to get a kitchen island, Anna's plan for the kitchen island
prep station might be your best bet.

Get the plans.

Portable Kitchen Island

Here’s a plan for a kitchen island that is suited for beginner woodworkers. It is portable and can be
wheeled out when not in use, giving you an extra prep space in your kitchen. Also, this portable shelf
comes with a lower shelf that can be used to store extra appliances. Lastly, the plan contains everything
you need to make this portable kitchen island.

Rolling Kitchen Island

Jen woodhouse provides an easy-to-understand plan to build your rolling kitchen island. This kitchen
island is ideal for users who require many workspaces, and in this case, the rolling kitchen island is a
fantastic replacement for a permanent kitchen island. The kitchen island is also placed on wheels that
enable users to roll it out when not in use. Jen woodhouse has provided everything you need to get this
done, starting from the cut lists to the materials and steps involved.

Shepard Kitchen Island

Anna White comes with another excellent kitchen island plan. The plan contains all the cut lists, the
materials, and tools needed. The step-by-step instruction to complete this project and even numerous
pictures depicting the diver’s steps involved making the Shepard kitchen island.

Rustic Kitchen Island

If you need to add counter space and storage to your kitchen vicinity, the rustic kitchen island will help
you achieve that. However, you can add a paper towel holder to the island. You can get the plans to this
unique rustic kitchen island from Anna white.

Classic Kitchen Island

This classic kitchen island is breathtaking. Having one of these in your kitchen will transform your
kitchen and giving it this classic and vintage look. Interestingly, making this classic kitchen island is not
very demanding. “Build something” is a woodworking platform that will give you full access to the plans
involved in getting this project done.

Gathering Kitchen Island

This fantastic kitchen island is designed for gathering. It is made with an off the shelf butcher
countertops and pine boards. This kitchen island can seat six people at a time, and the burner is not
located at the center of the island but on the edge of one end of the table. Amazing right? This island
makes it easy for you to do your cooking and eat while having people around to talk to. Lastly, the
gathering kitchen island plans by Anna White shows you how to add access storages on both sides of the
island range.

Build Basic DIY Kitchen Island

The build basic DIY kitchen island is made from a simple frame built around two stock cabinets. Build
basic provides the plans needed to get this kitchen island constructed in your backyard. All you need to
get this done are some basic tools, and the cuts are effortless and straightforward.

Wide Rustic X Kitchen Island

The wide rustic X kitchen island is another excellent kitchen island for those who like the country
scenery in their homes. The rustic X kitchen island is very easy to make. Anna has made plans available
for you. Interestingly, she left rooms for slight modifications in her plans. You don't have to copy and
paste her plans, but you can personalize your wide rustic X kitchen island perfectly suited to your style.

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