24 free DIY furniture plans – Simple and Easy to Build

If you’re into woodwork and crafts or you have the skillset for furniture and woodwork designs, here are a few free DIY furniture plans to help start building.

Furniture Building Plans

These plans will serve as a key to move you up to expert ability if you’re a beginner. It will merely help with crafting new projects with ease. In this list, we’ll examine a few woodworking plans to help you boost your way into becoming a great woodworker.

You can try so many styles, which gives you many options to choose from, mainly because you’ll need a craft that sits right with your home or wherever you want to place your furniture.

These plans provide everything you need to begin your next furniture project. Step-by-step written directions and helpful tips will help you create a look that would usually cost you thousands of dollars to buy. Once you’ve completed some of these projects, you might even build your own home!

24 Free DIY furniture plans

Garage Workbench

For those of us who are hobbyist woodworkers or work from our garages or want to have a DIY furniture workbench in our garages because we love wood crafts, proper organization is essential for handling and maintaining tools hardware.

Keeping your tools in boxes and plastic bins don’t do the trick of a proper organization, let alone maintenance, so your tool solutions have to change, and we have the perfect idea for you. You need a suitable garage workbench, one that will work for every kind of hands-on task.

Check out the plans and instructions.

1. Garage Workbench copy

Bookcase for Home Library

This is a relatively simple yet still very functional project for a beginner. They are also low-cost woodworking projects, so you have little to lose. Building plans for the bookcases vary depending on the style and number of shelves, but since there are so many options out there, you should be able to find a project that you can try out. A stylish and well-crafted bookcase would be an absolute fit for your home.

Check out the plans and instructions.

2. Bookcase for Home Library

Shed for Gardening Tools

A shed is a much larger woodworking project, but nothing a confident beginner can’t handle. Building a shed will take only a few days to create, and the result is worth the effort. There so many plans that have everything you need to build a shed for storage or yard work. The plans are available in a variety of different styles.

Check out the plans and instructions.

3. Shed for Gardening Tools 2 copy

Coffee Table In Living Room

This is yet another reasonably easy yet excellent woodworking project for a beginner. They can be built using various plans that range from a simple to a more complicated coffee table with shelving. Whether contemporary, rustic, modern, or mission-style, you can always create the look you want.

Check out the plans and instructions.

4. Coffee Table In Living Room2

Picnic Table

What else could spark excitement in a yard, if not a picnic table?! You can always build your family a picnic table. They can still gather around in the warm summer months. You can create a small, large, octagon, round, folding, and hexagon picnic table. The choice is yours!

Check out the plans and instructions.

5. Picnic Table copy


Do you love dogs or perhaps, you have one? Here’s a woodworking project that will take you only a day to build for no more than $100. You can always look up plans to help you create a dog house that will shelter your dog and look great in your yard. Many building plans for basic doghouses up to doghouses might even look better than your own home.

Check out the plans and instructions.

6. Doghouse

Wine Rack

Don’t we all love a glass of wine now and then? It lights up any occasion, and you could have a wine rack in your own home to make even the simplest of events like dinner feel grand. You can give a wine rack as a gift or keep for yourself, and it is also a great beginner project that requires a small number of necessary materials. This helps keep the cost of this project low.

Check out the plans and instructions.

7. Wine Rack

Shelf Box

How about a small box project to keep you busy?  Instead of lids, it has 2 doors, and the arts and crafts details on this make it stand out anywhere in the room. This box takes a different approach in the design category. It looks like a full-size cabinet, and its two doors give you full access to the contents. Your reward will be a good education and a right looking box at the end of this project.

Check out the plans and instructions.

8. Shelf Box copy

Wall-Hanging Display Shelf

With this easy-to-build shelf unit, you can keep all your treasures in one place. The adjustable shelves make organization easy. Whether you’re showcasing a prized collection or an assortment of souvenirs, this shelf has everything you need. The best part is that it can quickly be built in a weekend.

Check out the plans and instructions.

9. Wall-Hanging Display Shelf copy

Mail Organizer

Keeping your desktop clear and your papers in order have never been any more comfortable, and this attractive organizer can help you achieve that. Keeping letters, bills, and documents sorted is always a challenge, but this handy mail organizer hanging can keep all that correspondence close at hand. It’s also quick and straightforward to build.

Check out the plans and instructions.

10. Mail Organizer copy

Chip-Carved Book Rack

Here’s a small project with a big appeal — a great look, classic joinery, and a chance to learn a simple carving technique. No rule says a small, straightforward project can’t have loads of detail and exciting woodworking. The book rack shown here proves the point. Simple, Craftsman-style lines and basic joinery provide just the right challenge to your skills. And to top it off, the project can be completed in a weekend from start to finish.

Check out the plans and instructions.

11. Chip-Carved Book Rack copy

Shaker-Style Tall Clock

This down-to-earth design uses basic construction methods, and you’ll find that these techniques make building this elegant case clock a sure thing. It looks like a traditional classic but manages to rein in all the endless and challenging work into one gorgeous looking clock. Its style is enough to draw attention, but making them won’t overwhelm you.

Check out the plans and instructions.

12. Shaker-Style Tall Clock copy

Card Catalog Cabinet

This cabinet allows for enough storage and a convenient writing surface. Its style resembles the old card catalogs found in libraries. It can accommodate the storage of larger items since the outer banks of drawers are double-wide. Its sturdy, straightforward stand gives it the right height.

Check out the plans and instructions.

13. Card Catalog Cabinet copy

Sectional Entertainment Center

This sturdy and practical project is built from a simple technique and some clever cover-ups.

It’s easy to see how practical this project is. It also has smaller side cabinets that can be built and set next to the main TV cabinet.

Check out the plans and instructions.

15. Candle Holders copy

Candle Holders

For this project, you only need to create two different candle holders using contrasting accent strips, and the same band saw technique. It might seem challenging at first, but it is pretty simple to build. These plans will lead you through the method step-by-step.

Check out the plans and instructions.

17 Waterfall Bookcase copy

Greene & Greene-Style Hall Table

This project’s classic design and your woodworking skill will make a beautiful focal point in any room. This table recalls the styles of Charles and Henry Greene. It has subtle curves, offset surfaces, exposed joinery, and contrasting accents. The impression is distinctly Asian. Just click the link to the step-by-step plans, and you’ll get the job done efficiently.

Check out the plans and instructions.

16. Greene and Greene-Style Hall Table copy

Waterfall Bookcase

With this design, we can all say a big farewell to boxy bookcases. This design is based on the classic Georgian style. Its graduated profile, inlay, and moldings make an eye-catching piece of furniture. So, what are you waiting for?

Check out the plans and instructions.

17. Waterfall Bookcase copy

DIY Dry EraseBoard

Shanty2Chic can help you build this simple, cute, and functional DIY Dry Erase Board. Your kids will love this, and now you can turn their bedroom into a classroom/school room for remote learning. You can build this 3ft DIY Dry Erase Board for less than $40!

Check out the plans and instructions.

18. DIY Dry Erase Board copy


PWant something that will fit nicely in a compact space while maximizing storage convenience. Don’t waste any time on custom shelf design. Just download this free woodworking project PDF now and start with the ready-to-go shelf plans inside! Enjoy!

Check out the plans and instructions.

20. Shelves copy

How To Build A Door

Building a door just became a lot easier with this free plan. You’ll learn about making a door with a frame and panel layout, and rediscover the joinery that’s best for building doors.

Check out the plans and instructions.

21. How To Build A Door copy

How To Build A Cabinet

These cabinet making plans include far more than just the traditional kitchen cabinets: you’ll find tips and plans for garage cabinets, under-the-saw storage, as well as both simple and complex versions of indoor cabinets.

Check out the plans and instructions.

22. How To Build A Cabinet copy

Chunky Console Table Desk with Flip Down Keyboard Tray

If you don’t have enough space for a desk, this beautiful console table is a good project for you. It flips open to hide a laptop or a keyboard! Its narrow profile is really charming. It is simple to build design.

Check out the plans and instructions.

23. Chunky Console Table Desk with Flip Down Keyboard Tray

Gathering Kitchen Island

Build your kitchen island designed for gathering. It is made with off the shelf butcher block countertops and pine boards designed to fit around a slide-in range for cooking.

Check out the plans and instructions.

34. Gathering Kitchen Island copy

Outdoor Chair

With these plans, you can simply build your outdoor side chair frame. These plans make it easy!  For this project, you’ll need off the shelf materials and necessary tools.

Check out the plans and instructions.

25. Outdoor Chair copy

Now that you know what to create, it’s time to move on to the next project! Keep in mind that the goal here is to build something that will last, so you must be very careful with bringing these crafts to life.

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