17 Cabinet Making Tools and Equipment for Beginners

Regardless of your level of expertise, whether you are a beginner or a professional cabinet maker, you need to harness the beauty and perfection that comes with using the proper tools for making your cabinets. The proper tools are the x-factor when it comes to making cabinets. They are the distinction between an efficient project with excellent joinery and sloppy jobs where nothing fits.

Cabinet Making Tools

Cabinet Making Tools and Equipment for Beginners

Note that as a professional cabinet maker or a novice, investing in the proper tools will bring you a very high and deserving return.  If you are a woodworking lover and have a keen interest in cabinet making, then I guess you would be a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kind of person. This keen interest might have led you to research on cabinet making. You might have read books, watched online tutorial videos, and seen various TV shows.

If you were paying attention, you would have noticed a common emphasis on all of these cabinet making tutorial platforms. Having the right tools makes you a better cabinet maker and a better cabinet.

Having said this, we must let you know that some of these cabinet tools are complex and expensive. Some of them are difficult to purchase and master. However, once you have mastered them, these cabinet making tools make your cabinet making the process much easier, faster, and accurate than you would have ever imagined. Not all cabinet making tools are complex and difficult. Other cabinet making tools are much simpler, smaller, and affordable. Regardless of these two categories of cabinet tools, there are must-have tools for you to complete your cabinet building project.

In this article, we solely aim to provide you with the necessary basic knowledge of cabinet making. Sit back and relax as you enjoy this interesting information. Here is a list of a few cabinet making tools that you cannot do without.

  • Clamps
  • Table saw
  • High quality saw blades
  • Milter saw
  • Scribe
  • Drilling jig
  • Self-centering bits
  • Swift hinge placement tools
  • Thin Kerf Dado sets
  • Combination square

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Cabinet Making Tools


Clamps are the handiest tools when it comes to cabinet making. In most situations in cabinet making, they replace your hands. In other words, a good clamp serves as your assistant in your workshop, especially during cabinet making. While you are measuring, cutting, and joining various materials, the clamps help you to hold these materials in place. If you need a good clamp, you can walk to the nearest tool supplier store, where you would be exposed to a lot of clamp designs.

The reason is that clamps are a tool with different applications. There is no one-size-fits-all clamp. You need to get a special design for a specific task. Below is a list of common clamps that you will find in a cabinetmaking workshop.

  • Band clamps
  • Bar clamps
  • Pipe clamps
  • C-clamps
  • Specialized clamps

Band Clamps

Cabinet Making Tools - Band Clamps

Band clamps are the perfect tool to call upon when assembling enormous structures like cabinet boxes. Band clamps make it easier for you to secure and wrap your work. These kinds of clamps possess plastic fabric straps and ratcheting controls that make it easy for you to squeeze the components carefully.

Bar Clamps

This cabinetmaking tools have no alternatives. They use a metal bar frame instead of pip. They are a hybrid of the C-clamp and the pipe clamp because they possess the pipe clamp’s combined strength and the depth of the C-clamp. The availability of this tool at various supplier stores is tremendous.

Cabinet Making Tools Bar Clamps

Pipe Clamps

This kind of clamps looks like its name. They are made of an iron pipe with a fixed jaw and an adjustable clamp face. They vary in sizes, ranging from short to as long as you can find a rigid metal pipe. They are an excellent fit for fixing a cabinet. Your cabinet making project would be more difficult without the pipe clamps.


Cabinet Making Tools C-clamps

The C-clamps are the most ancient clamp design in history.  The C-clamps come with a simple steel frame with an open throat regulated by a screwed jaw. The C-clamps come in various sizes with diverse throat depths.

Specialized Clamps

The construction of cabinets mostly requires specialized clamps. There are two very important specialized clamps: the #-way face clamp and the flush-and-flat face clamp.

Table Saw

Cabinet Making Tools - Cabinet Making Table Saws

The importance of a table saw to a woodworking project cannot be undermined. Making a safe and excellent cut during your cabinet making process becomes easier with a table saw. Due to the danger of operating a table saw, modern table saws now have excellent safety devices in guides, controls, and several adjustments. There are various kinds of table saws at your disposal, and sometimes, these varieties can make your decision-making process a little difficult. However, below are the main types of table saws that would work perfectly for your building project.

  • Cabinet making table saws
  • Benchtop table saws
  • Contractor table saws

Cabinet Making Table Saws

These table saws are an example of sturdy and firm machines that fit between tables and extensions. Cabinet table saws are a piece of suitable machinery for blades that ranges from 7.5 inches to 12 inches in diameter and also 4X8 ft. Plywood sheets. Lastly, the cabinet making table saws are a perfect fit for a cabinetmaking workshop.

Benchtop Table Saws

These table saws are the handiest, which is due to its compactness and small size. They are an excellent tool for cutting small materials and uses a blade, 7.5 to 10 inches in diameter.

Contractor Table Saws

Cabinet Making Tools - Contractor Table Saws

These are medium-duty machines that are normally used by many cabinet makers. A major difference between the cabinet making table saw and the contractor table saw is that the cabinet table saw is fixed. In contrast, the contractor table saw is portable and mobile. These kinds of table saws will also handle a blade size up to 12 inches in diameter.

High-Quality Saw Blade

The high quality saw blade is a cheap alternative to the highly placed miter saw. This saw blade gives you sharp and precision cuts. However, just like the previous tools, the high quality saw blades come in various kinds.

  • Rip saw blades
  • Crosscut saw blades
  • Combination saw blades

Rip Saw Blades

The rip saw blades are good for ripping with wood grain. They also come in sizes of 10 inches and 12 inches.

Crosscut Saw Blades

This type of blade is good for cutting fine-grained materials such as plywood and melamine. Just like the rip saw blade, it comes in two sizes too. The 10 inches and 12inches crosscut saw blades.

Combination Saw Blade

Just as the name connotes, this type of saw blade combines the performance of the rip saw and crosscut saw blades into a single blade. It comes in a variety of sizes.

Miter Saw

Cabinet Making Tools - Miter Saw copy

Another essential tool that a cabinet maker must-have is the miter saw. Remember that your table saw is fixed and needs feeding woodwork into the blade. The job of the miter saw is to bring the blade to the material.  This type of saws is also called cutoff saws or chop-saws. Here are a few common miter saws you would see in a cabinetmaking workshop;

  • Standard miter Saw
  • Compound miter saw
  • Sliding compound miter saw

Standard Miter Saws

A standard miter saw is a flexible tool with left and right turns for either angle on the work surface. The standard miter saws are very simple tools.

Compound Miter Saws

The compound miter saw is a little more complicated than the standard miter saw. These saws can make cuts between angles 45 and 90. This tool’s standout feature is its ability to make cross angles on your workpiece, so each cut has multiple geometric angles. They are perfect for crown molding works.

Sliding Compound Miter Saws

This tool can cut varieties of cut angles. It possesses a sliding arm responsible for cutting across a much wider material that a fixed arm saw can’t cut through.


Cabinet Making Tools - Scribe

Another must-have cabinetmaking tool is the scribe. The scribe is used in marking woods and other materials. These marks help you to get a clear pattern for your cutting and drilling activities. While making a cabinet, the scribe is an important tool as it helps the woodworker trace irregular shapes like an existing wall to a new cabinet. Scribes are made of metal that often come with a sharp point employed in the inscription of a certain pattern on a new surface.

Drilling Jig

Cabinet Making Tools - Drilling Jig

A drilling jig is an indispensable tool that helps you create reliable, precise, and repeatable holes in your workpiece. They help to hold your workpiece in place and ensure that you drill the holes in the exact location needed with the proper angle. The drilling jigs can be made of plastic, metal, or wood materials. They often come with various configurations to suit a specific cabinet making hardware such as slides and pulls, hinges. Furthermore, some drilling jigs are pre-designed, whereas others can be customized to meet your specific needs. Most cabinetmakers usually construct their drilling jig to meet their requirements.

Self-centering Bits

Cabinet Making Tools - Self-centering Bits

These tools are in a variety of sizes and qualities. The best self-centering bits come with precision-made carbon steel guide barrels with tungsten bits. The guide barrel’s function is to align the bit with the hinge or a fastener hole so that you can make a perfect hole. The self-centering bits enhances your accuracy while building your cabinets.

Swift Hinge Placement Tools

To get an excellent finish while working your cabinets, you have to ensure that the hinges are perfectly placed on your cabinet doors.  It is possible to transfer hinge points and attachment holes with a commercial scribe. However, that is a very slow and less accurate process. To be faster and precise, you need the perfect tool for the job. That is the swift hinge placement tool. You can find them online and favorite supplies store.

Thin Kerf Dado Sets

In the cabinet making process, the slightest measurement matters a lot. There is no room for negligence, as every operation has to be precise, accurate, and smoothly finished. The essence of this strict process is emphasized when making cabinetry dados and you a precision-cut kerf. What are kerfs? Kerfs are the cut-out channels left by the saw blade that is not set to cut the wood completely. Kerfs are made to join cabinet boxes. Also, they are used in drawer construction. To this effect, the kerf dado sets contain a variety of specialized dado blades that allows the adjustment of your kerf width and cut very thin kerfs.

Combination Square

Cabinet Making Tools - Combination Square

Combination squares are adjustable devices that allow you to measure, transfer information, and calculate angles. They serve the combining works of a ruler, square, protractors, and compasses. The combination square makes it possible to determine the trueness of a cabinet’s surface.

Other important cabinetmaking tools are;

  • Magnetic drawer slide mounting tools
  • Drawer pull jig
  • Drill set
  • Hammer and Mallet

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Cabinet construction is an interesting sector of the woodworking business in the modern days. This article provides you with the necessary information you need to start your cabinet making project, the various types of tools you need, and the importance of these tools to your cabinet making project. But do not forget that precision and accuracy in cabinet construction and a fine finish are the keys to a top-notch production. Have a nice time building your cabinets.

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