List Of Best Selling Woodworking Crafts

There are various woodworking crafts to furnish your home and office to give it a top-notch and exotic look. The sales of these exotic crafts will be a good source of income for you. All you need to do is have a target at the market and produce. Handmade crafts even pay better than industrially produced crafts. If you want to turn your handy creativity into a good source of profit, you should consider checking the list below.

Best Selling Woodworking Crafts

Best Selling Woodworking Crafts

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Best selling woodworking crafts are as follows:

Wooden Toys:

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Unlike the toys made of plastic, wooden toys have better durability; they can still be intact. Apart from that, they also have these fabulous looks in the children’s nurseries and bedrooms. As some children are lovers of toys, they are mostly found playing with toys, everywhere and anywhere, these wooden toys can stand the test of time. It would be best if you considered putting your woodwork creativity in toy-making; puppets, dollhouses, wooden toy cars, train sets.

Wooden Learning Materials:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Wooden Learning Materials- copy

If you specialize in making learning materials, its good business too. The Montessori Method of teaching requires different learning apparatuses; because of the amount of apparatus needed for teaching, they must be of quality standard. Wooden learning materials last longer and are more effective, as you can explore and try new educational things to aid learning. Therefore, making these materials/apparatus for teaching and learning will yield profit.  Examples of these Montessori materials include:

  • Pom Pom Push
  • Ball Push Box
  • Maze Tray
  • Sorting Trays
  • Mystery Box
  • Depth Peg Board
  • Montessori Sensorial Shelf and Sensorial materials

Wooden Utensils:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Wooden Utensils-

Utensils are just as important in the home; it is necessary for the home, the kitchen especially. Wooden utensils have special advantages. They are safe and don’t react chemically to heat or acid, unlike some plastic utensils. They also have the no-scratch feature; they are scratch-friendly materials for non-stick pots and pans. They have the one-piece design, which means they don’t usually fall apart, and this also makes it hygienic because there are no hidden places where bacteria can hide in. These advantages draw people to wooden utensils, and this will yield profit because it is what people want and need in their homes.

Wooden Furniture:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts- Wooden Furniture- copy

I’m guessing no household doesn’t seek the warmth and comfort of having sleek wooden FurnitureFurniture. Wooden FurnitureFurniture gives off this aesthetic appeal that not only does it make the house look good; it also gives the house a cozy, welcoming homely feeling. It also offers a long-lasting experience that even after generations of using wooden FurnitureFurniture, the quality and durability can’t be replaced either overshadowed. This is the reason why wood is the best and most organic material used for FurnitureFurniture and so, creating a sleek furniture set or piece that looks distinctive will yield profit, whether kitchen cabinet or room furniture, and so on, creating a new design will attract people for sales.

Wooden Plant Boxes:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Wooden Plant Boxes- copy

The durability of wood for a lot of crafts can’t be overlooked. Planting in wooden containers encourages gardening. Please talk about the look that makes the plants look more beautiful as it is all about nature; the look alone could make you interested in gardening. The advantages; it’s easier to maintain as it does not rot; it is ideal for large plants; both indoors and outdoors, and protects the plants from extreme temperatures. These simple crafts are sought after, making it a profitable woodworking project to get into.

Wooden Fruit Bowls and serving Trays:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Wooden Fruit Bowls and serving Trays- copy

The sales of household items are very popular; therefore, wooden fruits and serving trays are really simple and common woodworking items that sell very well, because of this reason, there is still a lot, but it is not hard to create a unique and elegant look for the bowls and trays you make since they are famously handmade. Getting a simple lathe will even be a good idea for the wood project; this will speed up production, which means more bowls and more trays, more sales.

Wood Clocks:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Wood Clocks- copy

The beauty of wooden clocks is just amazing. The classic appeal and warm feeling it gives to the environment around it is just wonderful. There are two ways these antiques can be made; the first is making a finished wooden frame/ body to fit the gears and parts of a clock. The second is to create the whole clock piece out of wood, including the gears and hands. This one is a top-notch design, and many people would love to have this antique hanging on their walls. Do well to check these out and consider getting involved in; it’s a good and profitable project.

Picture Frames:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Picture Frames-

Picture frame is a versatile woodwork project that is ever selling. It would be best if you explored your woodwork creativity to make several other original designs; because it is in wood, the demand will be high; therefore, the key to making money with this project is to reach a wide range of people. Everyone loves picture frames to hang on their walls or their desks and shelves, make fresh designs from new ideas, and have a pricing model that can attract a wide range of spenders.

Blanket Chest:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Blanket Chest- copy

Just as the name implies, this is a wooden chest to store blankets, throw pillowcases, sheets, etc. safely. When they are not in use, during the day, they can be folded and kept neatly in the box/ chest and used at night. It is not necessarily an item to be used in cold weather places; it stores household items away either during the day or at night. The quality, endurance, and finish of making this woodwork determine the stress, but the design and construction can also be left basic and simple. Either way, it is a necessity in the home and would be sought after.

Wooden Cribs and Cradles:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Wooden Cribs and Cradles-

The best material for the production of cribs and cradles is wood. A baby cradle itself is an example of a very popular category for making money with woodwork, which is children and baby furniture. Parents tend to get special and beautiful FurnitureFurniture for their little ones to help them get comfortable. A wooden crib is one classic woodwork craft that is high in demand, and parents will not forgo any opportunity they get to buy the beautiful and affordable cribs for their children. Therefore, this makes it a high paying woodworking project to venture in. You also need to pay attention to the quality of the products used and the craft’s safety.

Book Cases:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Book Cases- copy

Bookcases are never low in demand; every household needs several of them. Therefore, making a simple design can your work stand out from others and become a top-notch woodworking craft. Bookcases to complement armchairs are a popular addition and are also of many benefits. Like a shelf, by the side of a couch, a person can reach down to store various things; phones, tablets, books, and anything frequently used whenever they are on the couch.

Magazine and Newspaper Rack:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Magazine and Newspaper Rack-

Magazine and newspaper racks made from wood make a striking feature at a corner in the living room. The beauty of having a classical wooden rack where you can store your lifestyle magazines and newspapers for use whenever you can’t be replicated.Imagine sitting at the porch, flipping through a magazine’s pages, with a rack just at the corner or even beside the rocking chair. Creating a fine and new design to spice up the basic ones can attract many people to purchase the racks.

Wall Shelf:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Wall Shelf-

Wooden Wall Shelf to hold awards, trophies, books, prizes, gifts, home-made crafts and Do It Yourself (DIY), picture frames, phone stand, flowers, plants, candles, and so on. There is so much a wall shelf can do in the home and offices, one of which is giving the home or office a good, classic, and modern look, making it a household necessity and a woodwork craft high in demand. Sales of wooden wall shelves of different colors, shapes, styles, and designs will yield a lot of profit.

Tree Swing:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Tree Swing- copy

who wouldn’t love to have a tree swing at their backyard to have a little fun without going to the park for some fun and relaxation? The simplicity of this project will draw people’s attention to it; it will also be affordable because of the simplicity. It is not time-consuming and doesn’t require a lot of energy and equipment. It is a profitable woodworking project to get involved in.

Shoe Rack:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Shoe Rack- copy

A shoe rack is a basic necessity in the home to keep shoes when they haven’t been worn. No one wants their beautiful sneakers lying around anyhow in their room; therefore, a shoe rack is required. A simple but fabulous shoe rack to hold shoes in place will be needed in every house, making it high demand. You can choose to make standing shoe racks; a hang-ab shoe rack is another alternative. On the wall at a corner will be a place of rest for shoes when they aren’t in use.You can also explore various designs for a wider range of purchases and racks that can be dismantled if they need to be shipped. When they get to their destination, they will be arranged by the users; this ill encourage buyers from different locations across the country and globe.

Rustic Mirror Frames:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Rustic Mirror Frames- copy

Rustic wood frames for the mirror is another best selling woodworking craft. To achieve the country and modern-like look, the mirror frames are used. They are simple, inexpensive, and less time consuming to make; this is an example of the more you make, the more you gain, and fortunately, once you master the art of handling mirror frames, you’ll make more of this wooden frames in a little while. Because of the classic appeal, you’ll sell more. This juicy project should be considered.


Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Birdhouses- copy

Birdhouses of different sorts, sizes, and designs are among the hot-selling woodworking crafts. From those that could be hung in a tree, and those found even in the home. They even look fantastic when made from high-quality wood and aren’t even all that difficult to make. Birdhouses made from cedar, pine, redwood will attract bird- enthusiasts to your way for purchases. Another advantage is, they aren’t all that heavy and material consuming, making it faster to make and easier to carry.

Simple Porch and Garden Table:

Best selling Woodworking Crafts - Simple Porch and Garden Table-

Making a simple porch or garden tab is very profitable. Every garden owner needs this to lay beautiful flowers and plants. Trying out different yet simple designs for this table will add beauty and elegance to the garden; this will also encourage people, especially gardeners, to buy it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on the garden to fulfill its purpose, as it can also sit on the porch with beautiful and classy crafts on it for a warm welcome to guests in the home. People will like it and purchase it.

There are various things and designs you can use in exploring your woodworking craft creativity in, and the above listed are some of which could yield profit for you. After all, using your talent and creativity to earn is a great achievement on its own, and putting smiles on the people’s faces through your work is another great achievement. Just master the woodworking art, pick your market at the target, pick your price range, and put your creativity to work!

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