Beautiful And Unique Wallpaper Designs For Kids Bedroom Or Teenager Bedroom From Kredema Design

Those of you who are looking for ideas on creating good spirit and relaxing feeling to your interior decoration, then wallpaper can be your solution. It could be a surefire way to break monotony and enliven your interior design with its unique pattern of themes.

For now, I would like to showcase a series of wallpaper designs designed and produced by Gothenburg-based design studio Kredema design. As you can see at the above and below, the wallpapers offers a wide range of textures, styles and other variations for different shape of room. A few of them are also made for enlivening children room, come with cute and playful design.But one that makes me impressed is the Off the Wall, a 3-dimensional wallpaper that provides more than just a decoration with its rolling folds.

The wallpapers has two main components – the graphic wallpaper plus 3-dimensional shapes of acrylic sheets that can become shelves or even lamp shades. The Off the Wall, a 3-dimensional wallpapers are available in a range of colors to complement various needs of your interior design.Please have a view to the following gallery to get a closer and more details from wallpapers by Kredema Design, enjoy these pics.

Unique Floral Pattern Wallpaper Design by Kredema Design

Unique Floral Pattern Wallpaper Design by Kredema Design

Unique Off The Wal 3D Wallpaper for Kids Room by Kredema

Unique Off The Wall Wallpaper Design by Kredema

Cheerful Kids Room with Sea Themed Wallpaper By Kredema

Colorful Floral Pattern Trans Wall up Close Wallpaper with Red Chair

3D Wallpaper By Kredema in Lime Green Color

Cool Brown Wallpaper By Kredema With Colorful Accents

Funny Green Wallpaper By Kredema For Kids Bedroom or Baby Nursery

Funny Wallpaper For Kids Room or Playroom By Kredema

Kids Room with Colorful Wallpaper and Lime Green Wall Paint Color and Car Shaped Bed and Yellow Drawers

Off The Wal 3D Wallpaper by Kredema

Red and Orange 3D Wallpaper By Kredema with Red Armchair

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